I am Laura, Seva Shanan. 

I am French, a joyful kundalini yogi and a happy potter living in the Pacific Northwest.

I started pottery when I moved to Seattle 2 years ago.
Seattle is a very special place on earth where the 5 elements are harmoniously present, just like pottery needs the perfect alchemy of earth, water, fire, air and ether.
I could feel this grounding, soothing harmony the first time I touched clay.
Playing with these variables has been my happy exploration field since then.
I joyfully build all my pottery while chanting uplifting mantras in my home studio.
I am grateful for doing what I love, for you and thank you.

La maison du bonheur is a happy place, literally and figuratively, inside and outside each of us.

Online today,
This website is hosting my pottery, yet the most exciting is to come...

Brick and mortar tomorrow,
I already know there will be a sacred space to gather, share and shine through uplifting joie de vivre with women circles, yoga classes, craft, music and much more to imagine ...

My commitment: joy and creativity!